Doktorské projekty

Teoretická elektrotechnika, fyzika a matematika

Abubaker, H.M. Use of Scattering Matrix in Body Tissue Investigation
Abuetwirat, I. Impedance Analyzer Measurement of Passive Components
Archalousová, O. Application of Wazewski’s Topological Method
Biba, V. Generated Fuzzy Implications
Bogatyreva, N. Planck and Rosseland Means of Absorption Coefficients in Air
Frőhlich, L. Properties and Comparison Ackerberg-Mossberg and Kerwin-Huelsman-Newsomb Filters
Frőhlich, L. RLC, ARC Coupled Band-Pass Filters
Chvátal, M., Tofel, P. Output and Transfer Characteristics and Noise Analysis of CMOS Technology
Knápek, A. Cold Emission Cathodes Noise Characteristics
Kopecký, M. Electron Transport in Ta Nanolayers: Application to Tantalum Capacitors
Krčál, O. Measure Unit for Noise Study in Organic FET
Morávková, B. Representation of Solutions of Linear Discrete Systems with Constant Coefficients, a Single Delay and with Impulses
Paračka, P. Automated Diagnostics of Solar Cells
Ryvolová, A. Stability Property of Solutions of Linear Differential System of Neutral Type
Šik, O. Analysis of I-V characteristics of Cadmium Telluride Radiation Detectors
Škarvada, P. Low Radiant Flux Detection System for Solar Cell Electroluminescence Characterization
Tofel, P., Chvatal, M. Granite Sample and Electro-ultrasonic Spectroscopy
Trčka, T. Characteristics of the Improved Installation for Electromagnetic and Acoustic Emission Signals Continual Measurement