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Elektronika a komunikace

Beran, V. Near Field of the Dipole Antennas
Bereznanin, M. Electromagnetic Field Mapping in Biological Tissue
Dufek, I. Automatic Antenna Analyzer
Dvořák, Z. Verification of Inductive Coupling between Electromagnetic Sensor and Moving Object
Kořínek, R. Influence of Parameters on Image Quality Using Fast Spin Echo (FSE) and Comparison with the Conventional Method of Spin Echo (SE)
Králíček, M. Wireless Telemetry Unit
Mejzlík, V. Microprocessor Controlled Testing Unit
Miloš, J. Bit Error Ratio in the ZigBee System in Band 868 and 915 MHz
Nejedlý, T. Wireless Security Device
Nešpor, D Using Metamaterials as Electromagnetic Lens for MR Tomograph
Novotný, T. Speedometer for Sportsmen
Panáček, J. The Realization of Measurement Workplace for Simulation and Testing A/D Converters
Pítra, K. Antennas for Milimeter-wave Bands
Polášek, L. Adjustable Fully-Differential Filters
Římský, A. Graph Theory Utilization in the Design and Optimization of Data Network Structures
Zachar, J. Communication Module for Power Supplies Controlling
Zukal, M. Desktop Sharing in Audio and Video Conferences