Bakalářské projekty

Elektronika a komunikace

Bereznanin, M. Electromagnetic Field Mapping in Biological Tissue
Dufek, I. Wireless Extension Box for Fishing Bite Alarm in LPD Band
Faltičko, M. Remote Altimeter and Variometer
Gotthans, T. Estimating dimension of state space attractors
Hájek, O. Development Kit for Microcontroller HC08
Holain, M. Remote Controlled Meteostation
Kačmařík, I. Design of Reflector Antenna
Kaller, O. Measurement of PIN Modulator Parameters
Novobilský, P. The System of Electronic Timetable for Fire Sport with Wireless Connection of Targets and Main Hub
Pavlů, M. The Suppresion of Mechanical Stress Impacts in Fiber
Pítra, K. Low Altitude FM Radioaltimeter
Polák, R. Measuring EEG signal by digitizing measure card
Psota, B. Modeling of Elementar Part as Component of Electronics System
Svěrák, J. JTAG Programmer for AVR Microcontrollers
Svoboda, L. Magnetic Loop Antenna with Electronic Tuning
Walek, P. The Possibilities of Pulsatile Magnetic Field Applied in Child Neurology
Wolanský, D. Application for Viewing Internal Structure of GIF File
Zachar, J. Impedance Transformers with Impedance Ratio 1/50 Ohms for Wide Frequency Range
Zelinková, L. Design and Optimalization of the Helical Antenna
Zukal, M. SIP client in JAVA programming language