Magisterské projekty

Informační systémy

Bidlo, R. The General Syntax Analysis for Modified E0L Grammars
Blatný, P. Parsing Based on SCG
Burda, Z. Graphical User Interface for Firewall Configuration
Dohnal, K. Do not Have a Fear of Physics - E-Learning Application
Chalupníček, K. Speech Recognition System for Radiologic Application
Křivka, Z. Two-Way K-Linear N-PC Grammar Systems
Mach, M. Modul of Cluster Analysis
Matuška, D. Voronoi Tessellation Features in Texture Analysis
Mayer, M. Logical Documents on WWW
Měřínský, R. Unit Publication in IS Apollo
Michel, R. Secure Proxy Server Connected to PGP
Rudolfová, I. The Algorithm for Reducing the Number of the Nonterminal Symbols in FEOL Systems
Rychnovský, L. Implementation of Temporal Databases in Cache
Techet, J. Generation of Sentences with Their Parses by Scattered Context Grammars
Trávníček, M. Science & Research Portal Components
Wagner, T. Forward Secure Digital Signature Scheme
Zeman, D. Algorithms and Methods for Mining Association Rules in Image Databases