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Mikroelektronika a technologie

Cieslar, J. Remotely Controlled Potentiostat
Drda, V. Multiphase Series Parallel LLC Resonant Converter
Gőtz, L., Belko, J. Internet Access to Measurement Devices in Material Laboratories
Hofman, J. Maximum Power Point Load
Janík, P. Modern Assembly For Microelectronic And Electronic Modules
Ježík, J Dielectric Rrelaxation in PCB’s Substrates
Koutný, M. Dominance on Temperature Dependence Luminescence of Solar Cells
Máca, J. Flammability Aprotic Electrolytes for Lithium Systems
Musílek, V. Aprotic Electrolytes for Supercapacitors
Nedoma, P. Automatic System of the Central Air Circulation
Pléha, D. Measurement of Manganese Oxides Using EQCM
Pristach, M. Position Navigation System with GSM Interface
Sedláček, J. Fluorescence Photometer for Detection of Halogenated Compounds in the Environment
Smetana, M. Development of Propulsion for Ultralight Plane with Fuel Cells Stacks
Tonar, K. Investigation of Carbon Effect in Negative Active Mass on Lead-Acid Accumulator for HEV
Tošer, P. Investigation of the Temperature Changes in Lead Acid Accumulator in Regime for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Winkler, L. Characterization Backsides of Solar Cells
Žák, J. Multichannel Instrument for Electrochemical Measurement by Sensor Array