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Elektronika a komunikace

Bártek, R. VoIP PBX Solution in Laboratory Environment
Bednář, P Active Devices in Emi Filters
Dirbák, I. MHP Application for IP Camera Controling
Dlouhý, J. Head Position Sensing Using MEMS Accelerometers
Doseděl, M. RF Generator based on ADF4360 Controlled by Microprocessor
Dvořák, O. Design of Spiral Antenna And Wideband Balun
Hubík, V. Black Box for Embedded Systems
Jilková, J. Modeling of Ultra-Wideband Coplanar Patch Antennas
Kadlec, R. Control Software of the GaGe Compuscope 1250 Card
Kejík, P. Interference Cancellation in 2G and 3G Systems
Martinek, P. Modeling of a Quasi-Fractal Antenna
Pajskr,J. Multipc Smart Watchdog
Piškula J. Analogue Communication System for Studio Audio Recording
Pokorný, M. Design and Global Multi-Objective Optimization of Planar Tri-Band Antenna
Puskely, J. Field Investigation of Parallel-Plate EMC Simulator
Smejkal, V. Digital Audio Amplifier
Šotner, R. Multifunctional tuned active filter
Štumpf, M. Analysis of Microstrip Antennas Using Moment Method
Tichý,T. Accumulator Charger and Analyzer Proform
Vyskočil, P. Comparative Study of Filters Kervin-Huelsman-Newcomb and Tow-Thomas