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Antal, L. 802.1X WLAN Network Security
Benda, O. Genetic Programming Based Haar-Like Feature Classifier Design
Bláha, L. Analysis of Automated Generation of Signatures Using Honeypots
Homoliak, I. Increasing Classification Accuracy in LibSVM Using String Kernel Functions
Kalmár, R. Compiler of Agent High Level Language
Klubal, O., Šimon, P. Plotter Merkur Alfi Controled by FITkit Platform
Korec, T. Comparison of Fingerprint Quality Estimation Algorithms
Křen, M. Effective Production Planning and Scheduling
Marek, J. Universal Unpacker of Executable Files
Molák, J. Basestation for WSageNt Agent Platform with Using GSM Module
Pazúriková, J. Adaptive Model for Simulation of Atmospheric Pollution
Vician, T. Experiment with Swarm Inteligens in Robotic Simulator Vortex
Žilka, L. Exploiting Publication References for Keyword Relatedness Assessment with Explicit Semantic Analysis