Bakalářské projekty

Mikroelektronika a technologie

Brida, M. Diagnostics of Aeging by Using D.C Measurement Method
Cieslar, J. Remotely Controlled Sensor Technique Laboratory
Čermák, J. Neural Network Implementation into Microcontroller
Hlavčo, T Nanocomposite Varnishes
Ježík, J Study of Leakage Currents
Kučera, M., Jeřábek, M. Multistress Ageing Analysis of the Electroinslating Materials
Kucharčík, J. Resistivity Measuring Workplace for Bulk Materials
Kuparowitz, M. NbO Capacitors - Leakage Current Measurement and Characterisation
Márik, M. Elektromechanical Latch Driven by Microcontroller PIC16F876
Nezval, T. Real Time Recorder of Events
Novák, P. Impact of the Climatic Conditions Upon the Dieletric Materials Properties
Reňák, L. Dieletric Absorption of Varnish Composites
Soukup, L. Design and Realization of Arithmetic Operations for FPGA Circuits
Spohner, M. The Influence of Humidity and Temperature on Ceramic Materials properties
Svoboda, L. Development of Autonomous Fotovoltaic System
Svoboda, M. Influence Admixture in Lead-Acid Battery for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Szabó, J. Automatic Measuring Apparatus for Impedance Properties Measurement of Electrode Materials for Lead-Acid Accumulators
Toman, P. Design of Basic Communication Buses in VHDL