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Kybernetika a automatizace

Fidler, P. Numeric calculation of EMAT transducer harmonic eddy current
Lorenc, V. On-Line Identification with the Selection of Training Patterns for the Self-Tuning Controllers
Malounek, P. Using Pseudorandom Signal for Speed Up of Identification
Mikąánek, V. Comparison of Constrained and Unconstrained Generelized Predictive Control
Pohl, J., Sáblík, V., Polách, P. ECG Analysis with Using of Neural Networks
Polách, P., Sáblík, V., Pohl, J. EIB/KNX Based HVAC Control System in a Research Laboratory
Sáblík, V., Polách, P., Pohl, J. Traffic Simulator with Neural Network Driver
®ajdlík, J. Development of Five Fingered Prosthetic Hand - Overview