Bakalářské projekty

Mikroelektronika a technologie

Drda, V. Battery Charger for NiCd and NiMH Batteries
Frybert, J. Computer Modelling of Courses of Complex Permittivity
Janík, P. Current Sources and Active Load in Bipolar Technology
Karmazín, M. Thermocouple Thermometer for SMD Assembly
Mohyla, P. Iinfluence of Filler Pparticles Size on Parts of Complex Permittivity of Composite
Nedoma, P. Inteligent Control Unit for Hot Water Heating
Panáček, J. Lab Power Supply Driven by Microcontroller
Pech, V. Program for SC Filter Analysis
Sedláček, J. The Thermostat for Electronic Instrument Testing at Low Temperatures
Žák, J. Electronic Instrument for Environment Monitoring During Plant Growing