Doktorské projekty

Silnoproudá elektrotechnika a elektroenergetika

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Klíma, J. Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchonous Motors Using Neural Networks
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Mastný P., Čambala P. Analysis Operating Properties of Heat Pumps
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Přikryl, L. The Control of the Crab Position by DPL Toolkit
Sikora, L. Analysis and Design of DC Motor and Gear for Truck Wiper Systems
Sztula, M. Electrical Motor Scooter On-Board Computer
Štěpančík, F., Zemánek, M. Low Voltage Input Power Supply for Personal Computer
Štorek, P. The Mechanical Vibration Analysis of the Measuring Workplace
Tureček, P. The Methods of Monitoring a Sliding Contact Quality and Their Sensitivity on Mechanical Stimulis
Uher, J. Optimalizing Laboratory Electrolyzer
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Valenta, J. Extinguishing Process in Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
Vítek, O. External Magnetic Field Analysis of Induction Motor