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Mikroelektronika a technologie

Abraham, P. Summary of EIS Research of Lead-acid Batteries
Čech, O. Effect of Different Carbons on Electrochemical Performance of LiCoO2 Composite Catodes
Čudek, P. Scintillation Secondary Electron Detector for Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
Dvořák, P. Overview of Non-aqueous Electrolytes for Supercapacitors
Flodrová, E. Observation of Biological Samples with Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
Knotek, T. Electrode for Hydrogen Evolution
Kunovjánek, M. New Types of Membranes for Electrolyzer
Máca, T. Evaluation of Depth of Discharge and Overcharge Influence in Relation to Electrochemical Properties of Alpha Nickel Hydroxide
Macků, R. Semi-numerical Simulation of Silicon Solar Cells Junction Geometry Using C-U Profiling Techniques
Matějka, M. Behavior of the SU-8 Epoxy Based Negative UV Photoresist as Negative Tone Resist for Electron Beam Lithography
Neoral, J. Thermal Phenomens in Lead Acid Batteries
Nicák, M. Development of Lead-free Soldered 3D Structures
Pulec, J. Modeling of Current Density in Thick Film Resistors
Solčanský, M. Practically Usable Quinhydrone Chemical Passivation of a Silicon Surface for Solar Cells
Široký, D. Remotely-controlled Unit for Conductive Cement-based Materials with Carbon Nanofibers