Doktorské projekty

Silnoproudá elektrotechnika a elektroenergetika

Čambala, P. Thermal Calculation Method of Cogenerational Solar Convector
Foltýn, D. Emission of Electromagnetic Field in Our Living Place
Gajdůšek, P. Inverter Non-Idelities and Their Compensation
Hapal, P. Remote Control System with Ethernet Interface
Janda, M. Cooperation of Modern CAD Systems with Program Ansys Workbench
Kostka, R. Modelling and Linear Control of the Crane
Krátký, M. EW Method for Solving Critical Disturbance in Interconnected Power Systems
Macháček, J. Proposal of a New Construction of Stirling Engine Regenerator
Malý, J. System Services and Efficient Enganging of Power Sources
Matucha, T. Vector Control of Low-Voltage Induction Machine
Paar, M. Optimization of Parallel Compenzation in Distribution Network with HPSO
Procházka, Z. Power Electronic Control of the Load of Photovoltaic Generators System
Prokop, V. Analysis of the Differential Protection Function Accuracy in the Unit REF 542plus
Shaban, M. Control of PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motors
Shaban, M. Optimum Efficiency Control of Induction Motor Drives
Tulis, Z. Electronic Control System of Testing Bench