Magisterské projekty

Zpracování signálů, obrazu a dat

Bartl, M. Acceleration of Signal Processing Using GPU
Baše, M. Detection of Blood-Vessel Bifurcations in Retinal Images
Červenec, R. Identifying Expression of Emotions in Czech Text
Deyneka, A. Stochastic and Deterministic Adaptation Algorithms of Aqualization Process in Digital Communication Systems
Dvořák, P. Object Description in Images
Kulig, T. Realization of Hand-Held Digital Oscilloscope
Kurc, D. Noise Source Identification Using Beamforming
Miksl, J. Electronically Adjustable Oscillator Employing Commercially Accessible Current Mode Multipliers
Novotný, P. Signal Processing in Low-Coherence Interferometry
Podlipná, P. Multimodal Retinal Image Registration
Svoboda, T. Detection, Localization and Recognition of Traffic Signs
Šikula, V. Retinal Image Registration Using Phase Correlation
Štraus, P. FPGA Based Remote Sensing A/D Module
Toufarová, T. Room Acoustical Parameters Measurement for Evaluation of Musical and Speech Qualities
Uher, V. Tool for Mining Images Using a Low Level Features
Vaľko, T. Biologically Inspired Methods of Object Recognition